Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lean vs Fat Mindset

"Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He think too much:  such men dangerous." - William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act 1, Scene 2

I have observed two strong mindsets in life, a lean and fat mindset with variations of the two existing in the middle.  The lean mind has learned to carve away unecessary thoughts that prevent it from accomplishing whatever task or goal it is intended to achieve.  The lean mind is very clear about what it wants and will develop the necessary plan to achieve its end desire.  The lean mind understands no plan is without obstacles, it recognizes them, deals with them but doesn't allow them to side track it from accomplishing its task or goal.  The fat mindset has many thoughts, many of which prevent itself from accomplishing anything of real value other than satisfying it sensual desires.  The fat mind is only interested in instant gratification.  The fat mind wants to give up when obstacles present themselves, it doesn't believe in delaying instant gratification for the sake of accomplishing its task in a timely matter. 

These mindsets and the gray in between exist in many aspects of the human experience (ie, work, nutrition, exercise, relationships etc.).  We all have witness star athletes, business professionals, students or parent(s) who seem to rise above their peers and achieve great things in their life time.  What we don't acknowledge is that they are people just like us who have chosen to not only make the best use of their talents, resources, but perhaps most importantly they have learned to carve away the unecessary fat so they can stay focused on getting the job done.  Fat thinking is comparable to a disease, not only does it do harm to the individual but it also affects others and prevents everyone from being the best they can be.  The excess fat has got to go if we are to live the best life we can live now and for the legacy we hope to leave behind for our family, friends or better yet the next generation.

The next time you have something you really want to accomplish but it just seems its not happening ask yourself am I operating with a lean or fat mindset.  If its a fat mindset look for ways to trim the fat off until its lean.

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