Sunday, November 27, 2011

22 Easy Ways to Eat More Fruits and Veggies Every Day

Hello everyone I found a great article on how to get your fruits and veggies daily.  Hope you find it helpful!


Jerry Babbage, CSCS, PES


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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hello everyone, hope all is well!  Please check out the latest articles I had published on Stack. 

5 Drills to Make You More Agile on the Playing Field

5 Methods to Maximize Accleration



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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dynamic Warm-up

Probably the most important part of the workout is the warm up, it sets everything in motion.  Without it a person can set his/herself up for a potential injury and probably a crappy workout. Make a habit of warming up before every workout.  The following is the benefits of a warm up before exercise:

  • Improve range of motion in muscles.
  • Promote blood circulation through the body
  • Keep yourself from hitting fatigue
  • Gain more muscle control

This is a example of a warm up I take my clients through before their workout.



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Saturday, October 22, 2011

EPOC, what is it good for!!!

While on the quest for fat loss, many people place a lot of attention on how many calories they will burn in a particular workout session, while forgetting to account for the calories that will be burned because of that workout session. Now without going into a huge rant, I want to explain something, its true you will burn calories whenever you workout after all it does take effort no matter how strong or weak your work ethic is in the gym. But its a interesting thought to comtemplate that after a workout and particulary when you rest how much effort it takes for the body to repair itself from all the micro tears that happen when you workout. Just in case you didn't know the muscles experience micro tears whenever you subject it to anything more difficult than its accustom to and a byproduct it must become stronger to adapt and that takes energy. What this means for you is you burn more calories. Hope that makes sense. Anyway found a great article about EPOC, what it is and how to use it to achieve your fat loss goals.

click -->


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Friday, October 7, 2011

Upperbody Strength: Juggernaut Style

"Size matters not.  Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?  Hmm? Hmm.  And well you should not.  For my ally is the Force and a powerful ally it is."  Yoda

Upperbody_Strength_Juggernaut_Style.mp4 Watch on Posterous

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Only the Strong Survive

I think we all have moments when we feel our best just like we have moments where we feel like shit.  I'm not one who generally likes to train with others unless we have similiar mindsets and goals.  When I did train in a group every so often it was with my partners in crime Bryan Meyer and Hunter Wood.  These guys were beasts.  Damn I miss those days!  A buddy of mine sent me a video me and Bryan made from back in our days at RDV, and I wanted to share it with you.

Yours in strength,

Jerry Babbage, CSCS, PES

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lean vs Fat Mindset

"Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He think too much:  such men dangerous." - William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act 1, Scene 2

I have observed two strong mindsets in life, a lean and fat mindset with variations of the two existing in the middle.  The lean mind has learned to carve away unecessary thoughts that prevent it from accomplishing whatever task or goal it is intended to achieve.  The lean mind is very clear about what it wants and will develop the necessary plan to achieve its end desire.  The lean mind understands no plan is without obstacles, it recognizes them, deals with them but doesn't allow them to side track it from accomplishing its task or goal.  The fat mindset has many thoughts, many of which prevent itself from accomplishing anything of real value other than satisfying it sensual desires.  The fat mind is only interested in instant gratification.  The fat mind wants to give up when obstacles present themselves, it doesn't believe in delaying instant gratification for the sake of accomplishing its task in a timely matter. 

These mindsets and the gray in between exist in many aspects of the human experience (ie, work, nutrition, exercise, relationships etc.).  We all have witness star athletes, business professionals, students or parent(s) who seem to rise above their peers and achieve great things in their life time.  What we don't acknowledge is that they are people just like us who have chosen to not only make the best use of their talents, resources, but perhaps most importantly they have learned to carve away the unecessary fat so they can stay focused on getting the job done.  Fat thinking is comparable to a disease, not only does it do harm to the individual but it also affects others and prevents everyone from being the best they can be.  The excess fat has got to go if we are to live the best life we can live now and for the legacy we hope to leave behind for our family, friends or better yet the next generation.

The next time you have something you really want to accomplish but it just seems its not happening ask yourself am I operating with a lean or fat mindset.  If its a fat mindset look for ways to trim the fat off until its lean.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Real World Strategies to Develop A Stronger, Leaner Body

* Follow these ten tips, combined with consistent weight-training and cardio, and you will be well on your way to building a stronger, leaner body.*

Normal meals - You want to sit down and enjoy a healthly, muscle-building meal.  In this case, it is best you consume a high fiber carbohydrate such as brown rice or sweet potatoes.  Add to that fibrous veggies (as much as you can stomach), and lean portein (ie, chicken breast).  On occasion, eat beef for its high content of zinc and iron.

Snacks - As a muscle-building snack, stick with a ready -to- drink protien shake that contains preferably a combination of slow and fast protiens (ie, whey and casien; a touch of soy for women).

On the run - To get your healthy fats, snack on peanuts and nuts such as almonds, walnuts, cashews, etc.  This will give you plenty of the healthy monosaturated and polyunsaturated fat.

A once a week must - Go to the sushi bar and eat fish; especially the fatty kind, such as salmon.  Cooked fish is ok as well.  If you don't like fish, take a fish oil capsule that contains DHA and EPA.

No time to cook a regular meal - Consume a slow protein that is mainly casien or milk protein.  Casien protien clots in the stomach, which delays its emptying from your gut; this results in a slower release of amino acids into your blood.  This is good for muscle protein gain.  Look for milk on casein as the first ingredient on the protein powder label.

Before going to bed - Eat a meal composed primarily of casien or slow protein.  This will help offset the long period (8 hours or so) of not eating.  Alternatively, try cottage cheese.  It's a great source of slow protein.

Immediately before a workout - Consume a low glycemic carbohydrate with just a touch of protein; perhaps something like 10 grams of carbs and 5 grams of whey protein; that way, you won't get a upset stomach but you'll provide fuel for exercise and some amino acids to initiate the recovery process.

During your workout - Consume a sports drink or water.  Try adding 1 teaspoon of whey protein to a sports drink;  the small amount of whey will assit with recovery and the sugar in the sports drink will provide you with extra energy.

Immediately after a workout - Consume a fast-acting protien such as whey combined with a high-glycemic carbonhydrate.

If you have a flexible schedule - It may be best to consume whey protien frequently (every 3 to 4 hours) during the course of the day; even if its more rapidly digested (than casein), it will be easier for you to feed frequently and get your needed amino acids.  This can be done by mixing whey protein with some milk or water.  On top of this make sure your eating your regular meals.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

!0 Flat Belly Tricks

Good morning!  Hope you had a great weekend, and looking forward to kicking the living crap out of Mondays typical challenges.  Theres no secret, I don't particulary like belly fat, gut, spare tires or whatever you want to call it.  One of my secret missions in my job (oops I guess its not a secret anymore) is to flatten the belly of anyone that approaches me for help for overall health and fitness.  So to make a long story short I found another great article about how to reduce your waist line.  I hope you enjoy it and apply it to your health regime.

To your health and prosperity,

Jerry Babbage

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Master the Produce Aisle

Happy Sunday!  Hope you had a great weekend.  I found a great article to help you better increase your chances of healthier body and quality of life.

To your health and prosperity,

Jerry Babbage, CSCS, PES

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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Truth About Snack Bars

Happy Independance Day!  Hope all is well with you, I wanted to share a article I found about snack bars.  Choose you food wisely just as you would any investment that catches you eye.  Take care and have a great day!

Your health and prosperity,

Jerry Babbage

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The 50 Best Snack Foods in America

Somehow, I manage to get stuck in giving so much nutritional information versus fitness.  I get a lot of questions about how many times a person should eat and what should I eat.  Personally I'm not sure whether its so important how many times a person should eat. If your a sedentary person and over weight the issue is usually you eat too much either in one setting throughtout the day.  People who are more physically active generally need more food to fuel the activities they engage in so to me its all about how physically active you are.  Other trainers and nutritional professional may argue differently.  Also, I think its more about the quality of what you eat versus how many times you eat.  Anyway, enough with the ranting.  I wanted to share some information I recieved called, "The 50 Best Snack Foods in America," I figure if you going to eat why not try to put the best fuel in your body that you can.  Hope you like it!

To your success,

Jerry Babbage, CSCS, PES

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Monday, June 13, 2011

6 Essential Flat Belly Foods

Hello, hope all is well with you on this monday morning.  The summer is practically upon us and many of you all have plans to go to the beach.  To help you look and feel your best I wanted to share this article I found called, "6 Essential Flat Belly Foods."  Nutrition is key to a flat belly, you get that discipline down pack and the time you spend in the gym will be well invested.

To your success,
Jerry Babbage, CSCS, PES

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Friday, June 3, 2011

4 Powerful Tips for a Flat Belly

This was written by Josh Bezoni, a nutritionist and I feel you will find this information powerful in your quest for a healthier and leaner body.   Enjoy!

4_Powerful_Tips_for_a_Flat_Belly.doc Download this file

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

11 Beverages That Cause Fat and 6 Beverages That Fight Fat

Good morning, I've come across some really cool information on beverages you may be drinking that very well could be preventing you from losing belly fat.  I've also come across some beverages that can also help you lose belly fat.  The articles are by Josh Bezoni, a nutritionist who has helped hundreds of people lose weight.  Awarenss of what you put in your body is the first step to becoming a lean, mean machine and reaching your full potential physically.

11 Beverages That Cause Fat

6 Beverages That Fight Fat


Jerry Babbage, CSCS, PES

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Monday, May 2, 2011

6 Habits to Strip Away Belly Fat For Good

Whats going on!  This is Jerry and I'm coming at you with another fantastic and informative article to help you obtain that lean and mean body you desire.  I once heard it said by who I don't remember that you waist line is your life line.  From both a practical and philosophic standpoint that is very true.  Without proper digestion in your midsection you eventually will accumulate a sizable amount of bodyfat surrounding your stomach which can lead to what is most popularly known as a gut, spare tire, love handles etc.  Even more importantly it can potentially lead to cancer, dementia, lung problems or migraines.  It can also result in a hairy navel too if left unattended. But enough with all the gloom and doom, I suspect you want to know what you can do to get the flatter midsection.  Well i found a article that may be able to help you out. 

->->6 simple habits to strip away belly fat for good.<-<-

Take care!

Jerry Babbage, CSCS, PES

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Grab Your Foam Roller

I got a confession.  I've been stingy with my knowledge.  I haven't shared what I know about foam rolling with my clients and how it can benefit them.  Now before you start say, "Wow Jerry, YOU SUCK!!!"  Give me a chance to come up with a excuse for my reason for holding back.  Crap, I don't have.  I just have to admit I've been either lazy or used poor time management in programming my clients workouts.  I've known about the benefits of foam rolling and how it  can help people improve quality of movement but recently started using it with my clients.  I first started teaching to a client of mine name Mariah Lee (one of my star clients) and she instantly loved it. She even figured out a way to foam roll her thumb, just kidding.  Well, I eventually started teaching my other victums how to foam roll.

Enough with all the ranting, the goal of this blog is to teach you what the foam roller can do for you, give you a video of some popular exercises to use on the foam roller, and some tips on using the foam roller.

Foam rollers offer many of the same benefits as a sports massage, without the expensive price tag.

What the Foam Roller Does

  • Increases flexibility in muscles and tendons
  • Breaks down soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue all which restrict muscle movement, causes pain, and soreness.
  • Breaks up trigger points, and soothes tight fasica while increasing blood flow and circulation to soft tissues.

click to view the video on how to use the foam roller ->-> <--<-

Tips for Using the Foam Roller

  • Always check with your doctor before using a foam roller for myofascial release.
  • Perform foam roller sessions when your muscles are warm or after a workout.
  • Keep your first few foam roller sessions short. About 15 minutes is all you need.
  • Rest a day between sessions when you start
  • Drink plenty of water after a session, just as you would after a sports massage.
  • After a few weeks you can increase your session time and frequency if you choose.
  • Do not use a foam roller without your physician's approval if your have any heart or vascular illness or a chronic pain condition.

Yours in health and performance,

Jerry Babbage CSCS, PES


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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The World's Healthiest Foods

Good nutrition isn't as simple as popping a daily multivitamin. But it is as simple as eating the right foods. You see, research shows that there's no better way to absorb the essential nutrients your body needs than by consuming them from real food—not pills. That's why we created this list of The World's Healthiest Foods, organized by the vitamins and minerals your body needs most

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Friday, April 15, 2011

15 Rules on how to lose weight fast!!

I have to admit when I first started this blog site my orginal intentions were to share information about performance training for athletes and performance minded individuals.  I had not intended it to be a resource to help people lose body fat, but I discovered it is the goal of the majority of the people who seek out my help.  With that being said, I have focused a lot of my time trying to teach the importance of nutrition because lets face it, you really are what you eat.  If you eat a lot of crap, you generally will feel that way and the same is true if you eat strong foods like veggies, fruit, and lean protein.  For many, exercise is a easier habit to develop.  Unfortunately, exercise alone will not fix the problem of fat loss unless you are a high level athlete and being fit is how you make your living.  Another aspect of obtaining your goal is your mindset.  Lets face it, losing weight, bodyfat or whatever you want to call it is Fucking hard!  Excuse my language but its true.  More people fail at this than trying to do a cart wheel to impress a baby.  It requires a lot of Focus, Determination, and Consistency. It requires a person to be honest with themselves about what they really want.  For example, when a person ask me what they can do to lose bodyfat, I tell them to start keeping a fitness and nutrition journal and thats where are the excuses start to begin.  A popular excuse is, " I don't have the time to do it,"  which is a lie.  If you can find time to balance your check book, schedule appointments to get your hair done or more importantly check your pay stub at work to make sure you got paid all that was due to you, you can keep a journal to accomplish your health goals.  But enough with the preaching, I found a article that really drives home the fundamentals of how to accomplish your weight loss goals, take what you can from it and apply it as quickly as possible.  Weight loss like, Father Time waits on no one.  Its like debt, it only stops growing when you stop doing what increases it. 


To your success,

Jerry Babbage, CSCS, PES

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Best Resturants for Every Meal

Hello, hope all is well and you are well on your way to accomplishing your health and fitness goals.  I found a great article for when you are out on the town and need to find a resturant to eat at that offers some healthy options to choose from.  Hope you find it helpful. 


To your health and fitness,

Jerry Babbage

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

30 "Healthy" Foods that Aren't

Hello, this is Jerry.  I want to apologize for sending so much information this week, but when I read this I though it would be perfect for you.  Its about meals or snacks we have been led to think are healthy for us.  Naturally, I'm always trying to look out for the best interest of anyone I care about so I wanted to make sure you got it.  Hope you find it helpful in your quest for greater health and fitness.


To your health and fitness,

Jerry Babbage

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Monday, April 4, 2011

The 10 Best Supermarket Dinners

Hello, its Jerry and I hope you are having a great day today!  I have a article I want to share with you.  I'm a big believer in the basics when it comes to fitness and nutrition, but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way for me and I'm sure you probably feel the same.  Check out this article, it highlights some good choices you can make at the grocery store when  you need options for dinner.

To your fitness and health,

Jerry Babbage

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Does More Food Really Equal More Fat Loss

Hello, this is Jerry and I wanted to share a article I found online to shed some light on the philosophy of eating more food or smaller meals throughout the day leads to fat loss.  Pretty much every time an expert tells you about fat loss, they remind you that eating more frequently will help you lose belly fat?  But is that entirely true?  Find out what research shows.  This article is by Jayson Hunter, a registered dietitian.  Hope you find this article helpful in obtaining your health and fitness goals.



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