Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Workout of the Week (WOW)

20 minutes AMSAP (As many sets as possible) of the following circuit:

100 meter sprints or treadmill sprints with 2% grade for .60 distance on fastest speed possible
25 Push ups
15 Centipedes

Post sets completed:
Note: Photo and description of centipede exercise is listed below.

  • Start by leaning over at the waist, and place the of the palms on the floor (as shown)
  • Ensure that there is a soft bend in the knees for proper load transfer through the pelvis
  • Maintain stiffness in the core and walk your hands away from the feet one at a time
  • Continue hand movement until shoulders are in full flexion
  • Hold the hands over the head, palms on the floor and slowly start walking the feet towards the hands one at a time (like a centipede) then continue the movement for the require repetitions.

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